Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Learning from the Environment

Hello parents!

One of the ways that we can be the best parents and teachers is to look at what our children really already know. You may be surprised with what you find. An example of this can be found when taking a look at something called environmental print. Environmental print is any sort of symbol, logo, sign, or written words that are find in your child's environment. Anything from street signs to shirt tags are enhancing your child literacy capabilities and recognition every day.

In our classroom, we are going to be building on this seemingly hidden capability by using your child's symbol recognition to connect these symbols with letters. This is importnant for our classroom because one of the first steps in developing literacy is understanding that something on a piece of paper, or sign, cereal box, etc. has a meaning in verbal language. This will then translate that letters and symbols that make sounds.

To furthur encourage this in your home, you can pull out a type of food box that you often prepare for your child and ask them what it is. I bet you they will know! Even if it is just because they recognize the symbol, but not the words. Sharing with me and with each other what your children know and recognize will open doors to furthur encouraging the recognition capabilities making them feel independent and motivated to practice more symbol recognition, and then recognition of letters and words!


  1. A nice, straightforward way to explain environmental print. :) Naming things found around the house can be a fun time for parent-child bonding as well as promoting literacy!

  2. I completely agree what you said about developing literacy. It truly is important for students to understand that symbols have meaning. Gaining pieces of knowledge stems from a sense of understanding. By repeatedly going over symbols whether they be environmental print or words, they will have a good chance to understand and be able to read.

  3. Starting off with how parents be their best is a great way to start off the post! You addressed the audience by capturing their attention and then swiftly moved to what their kids are doing in the classroom--great! Really one of the best ones on your blog yet! I like how you ended it, too, by offering other ways to encourage them further.

  4. I think it is great that you are involving the parents. I liked that you asked them to practice at home. If the parents are trying these practices at home then they will ensure that the children will learn in the classroom. We can ensure success in our classrooms when parents are on board with our practices.